Hotel Marshfield

Claims to Fame

Beyond the abundance of nature surrounding the area, Marshfield offers world-class attractions, outstanding healthcare and a variety of seasonal events!


Upham Mansion

Website  |  212 West Third Street  |  715-387-3322

This restored home of former Wisconsin Governor William Henry Upham, is mid-Victorian architecture at its finest. The Heritage Rose Garden out back has some of the oldest varieties of roses in the world dating back to the Roman Empire. Open on Wednesdays and Saturdays or by appointment. It’s a bargain at $2 for adults and no charge for children.

JuRustic Park

Website  |  M222 Sugarbush Lane  |  715-387-1653

The rusted critters here are the product of an active imagination and artistic talents of one Clyde Wynia, who bills himself as an amateur paleontologist. He describes his welded metal sculptures as extinct creatures that once inhabited the McMillan Marsh during the “Iron Age,” tongue in cheek of course. Visit wife Nancy’s studio/shop where she exhibits her glasswork, fibers and soft sculptures. Open spring through Labor Day and by appointment.

Wildwood Park & Zoo

Website  |  608 W. 17th St.  |  715-384-4642

Right next door to Hotel Marshfield plus admission is free, so this is an easy must-see. Fox, bison, timber wolves, prairie dogs, white-tail deer and Kodiak bears are just a few of the North American species here.

World’s Largest Round Barn

Website  |  513 E. 17th Street  |  715-387-1261

Built in 1916 to house purebred animals in 250 stanchions, this round barn is a wonder to behold. There are no supporting beams, an architectural feat accomplished without the benefit of scaffolding – the builders simply started at the bottom and worked up and in. Every year during the fair, it’s used for its original intent – to display purebred animals.